Early History and Media Coverage of Webraska

by Moya K. Mason

Webraska is the worldwide provider of wireless navigation services and technologies. The company offers a full range of products designed to develop and launch Internet-based wireless navigation and location-based services and applications. Webraska's technology has been chosen by industry leaders, including Airtel, Belgacom, Blu, Borg, KPN, IBM, M1, Nortel, Oracle, Orange, Pacific Access, SFR, Telecom Italia Mobile, Vizzavi, and VoiceStream. Webraska has offices in twelve countries. For more information visit: Webraska

Some of Webraska's Interests:

1. Rome, Italy, 17 July 2001, Blu and Webraska put Italy in users' pockets with the new Blu connecto.

As of today, users of Blu connecto will be able to access a wide range of mobility-related services provided via call centre, in addition to obtaining directory assistance for Blu and Telecom Italia. By dialing 4400, users can obtain constantly updated traffic status, itineraries and information on shops and other facilities in Italy's main cities. The service is available 24 hours a day. Blu connecto was designed for professionals on the move who need immediate and precise answers, as well as for young people and their families who are traveling to their holiday destinations.

For this new service, Blu has chosen Webraska's solutions. Webraska is the worldwide provider of wireless navigation services and technologies. These allow operators such as Blu to include into their existing services door-to-door itineraries, real-time information, maps and advanced functionalities such as the search for points of interest based on the shortest time to destination.

2. Vizzavi Netherlands, the leading multi-access portal in the Netherlands, has selected Webraska, the worldwide provider of wireless navigation services and technologies, to launch nation-wide real-time traffic information services on SMS, Internet, and WAP.

3. Webraska and Schlumberger partner up for world's first demonstration of hassle-free parking using WAP mobile phones.

Webraska Mobile Technologies and Schlumberger announce a partnership to demonstrate a new hassle-saving service for motorists. By combining data on parking place occupancy - whether on-street or in car parks - with real-time traffic information, maps and route guidance, motorists with WAP mobile phones will be able to obtain up-to-the-minute information on parking availability at their destination.

Schlumberger Solutions for Municipalities provides city councils and local governments throughout the world with integrated smart card-based solutions for mass transit, parking and telecommunications.

4. Cannes, France, 21 February 2001, IBM and Webraska announced today that they will work together to jointly develop and market location-based services for mobile devices.

5. Montreal, March 8, 2001, Webraska and Surefire partner to develop advanced wireless location-based mobile commerce services worldwide on WAP applications.

Webraska and SureFire Commerce will provide technology and m-commerce solutions for merchants and wireless carriers. The solution will combine SureFire's proprietary e-commerce solutions with Webraska's Personal Navigation API. The initial offer will allow merchants to target selected customers, through mobile phones, with personalized purchase offers based on their proximity and individual profile. Furthermore, customers would be able to receive turn-by-turn directions and street-level maps to guide them into the store, providing the merchants with a virtual wireless sales force.

6. London, UK, 30 April 2001, Webraska and Digital Rum collaborate to deliver Proximity Shopping Services to Mobile Operators.

Webraska, the worldwide provider of wireless navigation services and technologies, and UK technology developer, Digital Rum, today announce their new range of m-commerce services with built-in location and navigation support. The new suite of applications exploit the advantages of Digital Rum's market leading mobile shopping and ticketing technology, and Webraska's proven expertise in developing mobile navigation systems to help drive adoption of m-commerce in Europe.

The service, which adds location-based services to Digital Rum's Wireless Shopping Platform, will be available for operators to offer their customers in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany and Spain before being rolled out to other countries.

7. Poissy, France, May 15, 2001, Webraska launches IbDN LiteŽ, the first wireless navigation service covering the US and Europe and compatible with all global communication standards.

Webraska announced the launch of the first wireless navigation service that covers both Europe and North America. The service is downloadable to all hand-held or vehicle-mounted PDAs.

8. San Diego, May 31, 2001, Webraska Demonstrates Navigation and Location-based Applications on Qualcomm's Brew Platform.

Webraska announces that its wireless navigation and traffic services are compatible with QUALCOMM's Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) platform as demonstrated during the "BREW 2001: Developer and 3G Technology Conference" held recently in San Diego.

Webraska ported its leading navigation applications, including directions and traffic, onto QUALCOMM's BREW platform and demonstrated the applications in the handset emulator provided by the BREW Software Development Kit.

9. Sydney, Australia, 5 June 2001, Pacific Access, producers of Yellow PagesOnLine, White PagesOnLine, and leading location and navigation brand, Whereis, announced an alliance with global wireless location and navigation solutions provider, Webraska, enabling the provision of real-time location and navigation services via the Internet.

Webraska will provide the technology platform to allow Pacific Access' geographic data and database content to be delivered to these applications as well as in wireless applications, including WAP technology and PDA applications.

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