In Memory of Ronald Mason

Our father attended Ridley College for four years (1940-1943). Ridley is a private school in St. Catharines, Ontario. At the time our father went there, it was a boy's school. Currently, it is co-educational. He played a lot of sports during his time at the school, playing on the cricket, hockey, soccer, and baseball teams. He spoke a lot about his time there and continued to wear his school ring until recent years when his fingers got swollen. He always wore it with his wedding ring. He must have missed his family from time to time while he lived away at the school, but his father believed in a strict upbringing and that was the way it was. Here are a few pictures of him from his school days.

Sweet Dad Ridley Crest
Sick of school On the ice

I (Moya) wrote Ridley College for information about Dad. I requested anything they could send me about his time at the school. I was expecting the archivist to send me report cards. Instead, he photocopied references of Dad that he found in school yearbooks and other archived information sources. Our father was quite involved in school activities, appearing in school plays, like Julius Caesar, where he played Casca. He also got an award for best manners and was in the top thirty in the school for best report card. It was very exciting to read everything. You can view the information below. Just click on the page you want to read to get an enlarged version. The references to Dad are highlighted.